New Tracking!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Tracking tool. We’re releasing it progressively throughout the day, so everyone should have the pleasure of using it by Friday morning at the latest.

For those counting, this is the 4th major iteration of the Tracking tool.

Tracking is the second most-used service on our website, so needless to say we get a lot of feedback. Some of this feedback relates to courier delivery, which unfortunately we can’t do anything about. Courier vans aren’t made of pixels.

Fortunately, there is plenty of feedback that we can do something about. Here’s the top 3…

“I want to see my parcel’s location”

This is the number one request, by quite a margin. And fair enough, too. We’ve told you that your parcel is in a depot, but which one? Knowing the location reassures you that your precious parcel is making progress, and let’s be honest, it’s just pretty interesting. Or is that just me? 🤓

Either way, you can now see where your parcel is…


…and where it’s been.


In some cases you’ll even get to see the most recent tracking event on a map!



“I want to see an ETA”

Number two on our list of common requests is an estimated time of arrival. This one is a little trickier for us, as we’re somewhat reliant on the operational side of the business sorting this out. But rest assured they’re working on it, and we’ll be updating Tracking as soon as better information becomes available. That said, we’ve made a start.


Some parcels will now show an estimated day of delivery. At the moment, you’ll see this most often with parcels sent on a courier service. The estimate will take into account non-delivery days (like Sundays and public holidays) which should take out some of the guesswork.

And in the interests of helping you understand where your parcel is in its journey, we’ve also developed a progress bar (of sorts).



“I don’t understand the status meaning”

In depot!

What does it all mean?

The truth is, these statuses were originally created for internal use and were never expected to see the light of day. But times have changed, and since they’re out there on the internets, they need to make sense to humans.

We’ve painstakingly edited all 140 statuses (yes, 140!) and tried to make them as user-friendly as possible. We hope it helps.


Anything else?

Those are the top 3 issues we’ve responded to, but there’s heaps more.

Delivery options

We’ve tried to make it more obvious when your parcel is going to require a signature. Sometimes you don’t get a choice in the matter, and it’s useful to know so you can avoid getting that yellow card in your letterbox.


If your parcel requires a signature and you won’t be home to provide one, you now have some options at your fingertips.


General redesign

The Tracking List page (where you track all your parcels) and the Tracking Detail page (where you take a closer look at a particular parcel) have been extensively redesigned and re-jigged. We’ve been through several rounds of user-testing (yes, with real people!) and learned a lot, so hopefully we’re on the right track.


Near enough 50% of users access Tracking from a phone or a tablet now, so as part of the redesign we’ve put a bit more emphasis on the mobile experience.




We’ve made a new Tracking tool. We’re pretty proud of it, and we hope you like it.

We’re constantly tweaking and iterating, so please continue to give us your feedback here or on our social channels.

Happy Tracking! 👋


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