Why are you talking about Christmas already!?

So, if you follow @nzsecretsanta on Twitter (you’re awesome!), then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been a bit more active than usual; especially since it’s August and we’ve been prattling on for a couple of months already.

If you don’t follow @nzsecretsanta on Twitter, you should. We’re awesome.

The reason we’re making so much noise at this very *not* Christmas time of year is mainly because of the amount of times I had to do this last year:

Really, the most upsetting thing (up to and including the abusive messages we receive every year without fail) that happened during the mostly awesome and amazing time in last season’s game.

So, to the point! Get on with it already!

We are putting togetherĀ a “Bad Santa Gift Stash” (or BSGS for short) to cover the folks who, for one reason or another, don’t get a gift sent in to the storehouse. There could be any number of reasons that a gift doesn’t arrive, but for those people who do their part and don’t “get the goods”, we’re making sure we can make up for that as much as possible.

Now, in previous years we’ve hadĀ amazing(!!!) sponsors who’ve donated massive amounts of stuff to NZ Secret Santa who’ve, for the most part, covered everyone in that boat. Last year, we didn’t. And it was stink. And I’m sorry. There’s a list of excuses I put together but you guys don’t care about that. We’re trying it a bit differently this year – aiming to get a heap of businesses to give a little bit, instead of a little bit of businesses to give heaps. We think this will work out better for everyone. Oh, you’re still waiting for me to get to the point, right?

Right. Here it is.

It’s August 15th (3 months (maybe to the day!) out from 2016 registrations opening) and we’re already all over this thing. We’ve got over 60 gifts in the Southern Storehouse (Wellington) already waiting to be sent out to people who receive a Bad Santa as part of this year’s game. I would like to say a special, individual thanks, to each and every one of the businesses and people who’ve come to the party and signed on to give us stuff already. They are:

  • @MyFoodBagNZ
  • @MightyCampers
  • @BritzCampervans
  • @whittakersnz
  • @getbeef
  • @waitomo
  • @kiwiexperience
  • @PenguinRandomNZ
  • @brothersbeernz
  • @Zealandia
  • @FoxyLustyGrover
  • @chowwellington
  • @RainbowsEndNZ
  • @KathmanduGear
  • @LeroyBettAndCo
  • @AucklandZoo
  • @weare80days
  • @AKLFestivalNZ
  • @Portlander_
  • @SweetReleaseWLG
  • @ohyoufox
  • @Phil_Tanner
  • @fullswingnz
  • @Xenojay
  • Pete’s Natural
  • @SkyCityAKL
  • @FullersFerry
  • @cheekypixienz
  • @SparkNZ
  • @nzpost
  • @CatalystNZ

We’re so massively grateful. For the most part, all of these people/organisations are giving away their products for nothing but a “thank you” and some witty banter on-the-line. Go and give them a follow, if you don’t already. These are good people.

Last, but definitely not least; if you work forĀ (or know of) a cool Kiwi business that might be interested in being a part of the coolest, most feel good amazingness on Twitter this year, tell them to get in touch with myself (@nzsecretsanta), our Social Elf (@MrsGreatnews) or our Email Elves (just us, but in another channel – nzsecretsanta@nzpost.co.nz) and we can have a chat.

We’reĀ SO freakin’ excited though – I think this is going to be the best year yet!

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