#nzsecretsanta goes to London

@RachelRayner has played NZSecretSanta for quite some time and, on moving to London, decided to take the idea with her – the following is a guest post from her on why she felt it a good idea.

Why I’m Bringing NZ Secret Santa to London

I’ve played NZSS for years now. It’s outlasted flats, jobs, and relationships as one of the true constants of the holiday season.

I love everything about it. The intrigue of guessing who might have me, picking out a gift for someone who’s no longer a stranger, and in seeing my recipient get excited when they open it.

This year, I’m in London. It’s a very different place than Auckland. Just the sheer crush of people makes you realise how much New Zealand is a small town – not that that’s a bad thing. In fact, there’s nothing lonelier than being alone in a crowd. I was talking colleagues over lunch, and they agreed with me. “The trouble is, no one talks to one another anymore,” said one. “We’ve got to bring that back. We’ve just got to. But I have no idea how.”

Talk about lightbulb moments. “I know how,” I said.

And that’s how London Secret Santa was born.

I have no idea if it’ll work, but there’s only one way to find out.

If you’re in London, play along. If you’re not in London, share it with your friends.

To sign up for London Secret Santa, head on over to http://londonsecretsanta.co.uk/ and check it out!

Have you signed up for NZ Secret Santa 2015 yet?

If you have, that’s AWESOME – we’re currently sitting at around 1,500 Secret Santas this year. Tremendous effort!

If not, there still time – but do it now so you don’t forget – https://nzsecretsanta.nzpost.co.nz – go on, do it – quickly now. It’ll just take a minute.

We’re going to match whoever is registered on Wednesday THIS WEEK! (TOMORROW!!! 18 November) but keep registrations open until the 24th as advertised and match up everyone else then.

Questions? Confused? Want to chat?

We’re always happy to help when we can – drop us a line on Twitter (@nzsecretsanta) or via email if you’d prefer it remain private: nzsecretsanta@nzpost.co.nz.

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