#nzsecretsanta 2015 is coming

Ramping up for 2015

We had a great time in 2014 and got an amazing 2,618 Santas signed up to play!

We’re hoping for as many as we can get this year, but due to the numbers from last year, we’ll definitely be running registrations for a set period of time and no extensions will be issued, so make sure you register as soon as possible! Dates to come in the next week or so…watch this space, your email if you played last year, or nzsecretsanta.nzpost.co.nz.

Bad Santas

The term ‘Bad Santa’ doesn’t relate to just Billy Bob Thornton – in the context of NZ Secret Santa, a Bad Santa is someone who signs up to play but then doesn’t fulfil their end of the deal by sending in a gift for the person they’ve been matched with. Now, don’t get us wrong – there are legitimate reasons for some of these things and these have been taken into account (if the person has been in touch with us directly).

Like every other year where we’ve handled the administrative side of NZ Secret Santa, Bad Santas have unfortunately spoiled the fun for a number of people. In 2014, we decided that there would be a 2 strikes policy for Bad Santas. This comes into effect this year and is a very, very short list of folks who will be removed from the matching process if they sign up. We’ll talk to them directly, but we won’t be ‘outing’ them. Sorry.

Which charity?

As always, there is a silver lining. Gifts destined for ‘Bad Santas’ last year were instead donated to Christchurch City Mission. Again, they were massively grateful for the gifts to share with those in need at this special time of year and we also provided a monetary donation which was equally happily received.

Cheque handover to CHC City Mission

This festive season, we’re working in co-operation with the New Zealand Red Cross with the aim of donating the gifts destined for ‘Bad Santas’ to them. We’re very excited about this and having the ability to bring joy to people outside the Twitter community is always a bonus.

More details on that to come.New Zealand Red Cross

We’re also thinking about running another Give a little campaign like we did last year, but would love to get your thoughts on that first. Let us know in the comments or via Twitter.

Gift sending options this year

Last year and in 2013 we gave you the option to print a postage label from nzpost.co.nz to stick on your parcel to get it to Santa’s Storehouse. We’ll be doing the same this year, but we’ve got a new option that might be useful for some.

Pickup – As part of the postage purchasing process (or, the PPP) you’ll be given an option to arrange a courier collection from wherever* you like. A courier will come to you, take your gift, and get it on it’s way. Easy as.

* Pickup is only available for Courier or Courier + Signature items and, while we can pickup from most places, there are some areas where pickup is not possible.

Feedback please!

These are our ideas so far. We’d now like to hear your thoughts and feedback before we make some decisions. We are very conscious that the game is owned by the community – we are just facilitators.

Let us know what you think about our suggestions in the comments below – or of course on Twitter (@nzsecretsanta).

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