We’re hiring: Customer Experience specialist – 12 month contract

The Online Team at NZ Post is hiring! We have two great roles available. We’re small, friendly, very productive and we love to get things done. We are passionate about what we do and what we deliver. Our work includes nzpost.co.nz, YouShop, the New Zealand Post iPhone app, the New Zealand Post Android app, the New Zealand Post APIs, the Tracking Twitterbot (@nzposttracking), and we facilitate #NZSecretSanta.

Here’s a brief description of the role.

You will have a clear purpose: to help the New Zealand Post online team provide the best possible experience to our customers on our web, mobile web and mobile app platforms. This role calls for a passionate customer advocate who is prepared to challenge the rest of the team (and the wider business). We’re all nice people – to get your message across you’ll need to be a nice person too. You’ll also need to be…

  • experienced. We are looking for the magic balance between intuition, experience of what you know works, and research/data driven recommendations.
  • persuasive. Your powers of persuasion will be needed to convince sceptics why your research insights are right for the customer.
  • able to pick your battles. Trade-offs often have to be made in the interests of velocity (delivering an improvement on a service that’s still flawed is better than not delivering), so you’ll have a sense of when to compromise.
  • passionate and respectful. We don’t have time for egos or drama in our team – respectful, open and creative conflict on the other hand is encouraged.
  • a doer. Someone who really likes to get stuff done.
  • lovely. You’ll spend a lot of time with our customers- whether face to face, on our customer feedback forums, on their turf or ours, you’ll need to have a good rapport with them.

The role itself involves…

  • working with the team to determine what, when and how to test – iteration is rapid
  • a lot of customer research. You’ll be gathering qualitative and quantitative data on which we can act, and suggesting solutions, not just pointing out problems, but we all like problem solving so you’ll have plenty of help.
  • understanding and presenting on how the wider customer journey interacts with new or improved online services
  • presenting findings regularly in an understandable and compelling way.
  • interaction design input. But is not a design role as such – you’ll work closely with the designer as well as the rest of the team.
  • working in a results driven, agile (Kanban) environment.

You’ll have licence to totally own this role and take our online customer experience to a world class level. You’ll be working in a small team of 100% committed, passionate and smart people – including developers, testers, delivery manager, designer/interaction designer, writer/IA person, analytics analyst, and product owners.

We believe that:

  • everything we do should be customer focused
  • we need to move fast
  • delivering early and often is vital
  • that iteration is normal
  • we need some help from you!

You’ll need to be a team player – you’re likely to find yourself helping us test (along with everyone else) or mucking in with other tasks when needed. You can apply by contacting Catherine Scott on (04) 496 4538 or catherine.scott@nzpost.co.nz.

Applications close on Monday 4 May 2015.

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