New to NZ Secret Santa? Read this!

So let’s make sure you know how to play. This is particularly relevant to those of you who have created a Twitter account especially to play NZ Secret Santa this year. Hats off to you guys for showing up!

Here’s how the game rolls.

Stage one is signing up

When you sign up for NZ Secret Santa, you will be prompted to link your Twitter account to a New Zealand Post online account. By doing this, it means you don’t have to hand out your personal address to a complete stranger on Twitter. We can store your address, as well as track the giftfrom you, and the gift to you. This will be displayed on your Secret Santa dashboard. Plus it will help the elves determine who will receive a gift once they have all been sent into the Santa Storehouse. The only information we give your Secret Santa is your Twitter handle.

Don’t forget to follow @nzsecretsanta on Twitter!

Stage two is Twitter Sleuthing

There are two sides to this. firstly; you’ll be finding out as much as possible about your recipient so that you can create/find/buy an awesome present for them. We’ve been suggesting around the $10 mark, but it’s up to you.

On the other side of this; your Secret Santa is trying to find out some interesting and curious stuff about you!

You can help out your Secret Santa by tweeting often and unlocking your Twitter account (if you’ve set it to private). Open tweeting is infinitely better, but if you’re a Tweeter who isn’t super happy about unlocking your account, then get creative; change out your profile photo, change out your bio, or change your background & header images to give clues about what you’re interested in.

Likewise, if you are playing under a Corporate Brand, give a little bit of yourself away by tweeting something about you.

Above all, have fun.

Stage three is sending your gift to the Santa Storehouse

We have made this as easy as possible with a Secret Santa dashboard that will prompt you along. Plus we have a small Santa bonus for you guys…

Last year the elves had lots of questions asking “has my parcel arrived yet?” but with no tracking number, they just had to wait until it turned up. From the Secret Santa dashboard, you will be able to purchase your postage online, and take advantage of a free upgrade to the tracked service. With the tracked service, the elves will know when your parcel will arrive at the Santa Storehouse.

We will email out the Santa Storehouse address when we tell you who you are Secret Santa for. To keep it simple, when you purchase your postage online we’ll pre-fill in the Santa Storehouse address. We’ll then email you a PDF copy of the label for you to print out and attach to your parcel.

Send it on time

You will need to post your gift to the Santa Storehouse by 10th December as our elves need time to sort it all out.

If you miss this date, you will need to Courier it. Your gift must be at the Santa Storehouse no later than 9am 16th December.

If you miss that deadline, the gift that was destined for you will be sent to The Christchurch City Mission charity instead.

We will be a lot tougher this year about getting the gifts to the Santa Storehouse in on time, but thankfully, with the tracking number, you will be able to prove that you’ve sent it.

Stage four is receiving your gift

This part’s really fun! Tweet a comment and picture of the gift you received from your Secret Santa to #nzsecretsanta. Follow the hashtag and watch the joy spread, one tweet at a time.

If you usually have a locked account, consider unlocking your account until after the gifts have been sent out so that your Secret Santa gets to see your reaction! That’s part of the joy of giving.

You can also find this content on the NZ Secret Santa site.

Got questions? Use @nzsecretsanta or email us on

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