International Rate Finder API update

We recently updated the service codes for the International Air service in the Rate Finder API. A couple of observant API users contacted us to ask about the change, which got us thinking. We’ve not been particularly good at telling the community about changes to the APIs unless they’ve been really significant – although to be fair there have been very few changes of that magnitude.

Let’s start with what we changed in Rate Finder API, and then how we propose to keep developers informed of changes.

What changed on the international Rate Finder?

We updated the service codes for the International Air service as follows:

  • we added TIASPC – International Air Small Parcel (for parcels under 2kg, it uses a CN22 consignment note). We have added TIASPC to allow creation of postage labels for smaller parcel sizes using the Label API.
  • we updated TIALP – International Air Large Parcel (for parcels over 2kg, it uses a CN23 consignment note)
  • we removed TIELP – International Economy Air
  • TIEC – International Economy Courier – no change
  • TIEX – International Express Courier – no change

While this wouldn’t affect all consumers of the API, if you are using something like Drupal Commerce NZPost which whitelists services, this change would have been a problem.

How will I know if you make changes in future?

We are working on a new Developer Centre which will give you better visibility of API changes. We have not fixed a date for the release yet, but we’ll let you know.

In the short term we’ll be publishing changes on this blog in the API category, and these are available and as an RSS feed.

We will also look at more regular email updates, which we currently only send for very major changes.

A big thanks to Andy from Blue Fusion (and who is the developer of Drupal Commerce NZPost) and Sol from Purple Dog for starting the discussion.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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4 Responses to International Rate Finder API update

  1. Andy says:

    Hi Ben, thanks for such a great & positive response.

  2. Sol Harris says:

    Hi Ben

    Thank you for your transparency and willingness to improve the current setup 🙂

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