Making things more mobile friendly

As the number of customers using mobile phones to access continues to grow, we’ve been working hard to make the website work better with mobile devices.

Mobile usage is as high as 20% in some areas of the site and this will continue to grow.

Today we released changes to key areas of the website: the account area and the checkout are now responsive and therefore are easier to use on mobile devices such as smartphones.

How it looks on a smartphone

Below: the account area as it used to look on an iPhone. While a smartphone user could zoom in to use the page, it was much harder to use than it needed to be.

The old account area of

And after… the page is readable and the links are easily tappable.

New account area on a mobile

The checkout as it appeared on an iPhone before the changes:


The checkout after:

The new checkout on

Fields in the checkout are clearer and optimised for use on a smartphone:

New checkout on with easier to use fields

Why these areas?

The account area gives logged in customers easy access to many of the services that require a log in, such as tracking, YouShop, ParcelPods, and order history. We want to make these parts of the site as easy to access as possible. The checkout needed a makeover as it was difficult for customers on mobile devices to make purchases. 

What is next?

These are our first steps toward improving our site for customers with mobile devices, and we realise that there is a lot more we need to do. We’re trucking on and expect to release a beta version of the Rate Finder very soon. Also in the pipeline is Tracking, payment on YouShop, and the product pages, so that we have a more pleasant end to end purchase process. We are also planning a new and much simpler homepage – details coming soon!

Let us know how you find the new mobile friendly pages, just visit the account area or checkout on  to try it for yourself.

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