Amazed by the #nzsecretsanta community

Don’t know about you, but leading up to Christmas, we in the Online Team at NZ Post had the hashtag #nzsecretsanta streaming live onto our wall after the first dispatch of gifts from the Santa Storehouse. My boss (^R) mounted a projector to his desk, plugged it into his laptop, and pulled all our flow diagrams and customer journey charts down to get a clear piece of wall.

There was still lots to do before the last dispatch of gifts got sent out before Christmas, but every time I looked up, there was a cascade of happy and joy filled words pouring down our wall from the twitter feed. It made the final straight all the more worthwhile, we really wanted to do our best to make sure no one missed out.

I didn’t have the luxury of being able to sit and read all the tweets that came out, but there were a few brought to my attention, that we thought would be fun to share.

We offer here a few of the many amazing gifts that got tweeted, but if there was a tweet about a #nzsecretsanta gift that stood out for you, post a comment at the end of this post, so we can all re-live the fun.

So who saw this? The nzsecretsanta hashtag captured a classic photobomb, and the community loved it.

Early on there were some anxious tweets about what do I send to a corporate or organisation, and we think this person (sending to Auckland Zoo) nailed it!

Speaking of nails… this was our favourite! In a game that relies on twitter stalking to buy the perfect gift, there’s admittedly room for error when you’re in a rush. Early in the day we saw an OMG, my recipient is a male! tweet. And then this surfaced… We love your style @PhidMcAwesome.

Yip, it’s certainly an opportunity to showcase what an amazing gift giver you are. Again, so many examples, but this one got us chortling:

And of course, the geeks amongst us (we’re all geeks right?) loved this one:


Very often it is the effort that someone has gone to and it was great reading the letters that accompanied the gift. In this case, it was Ingrid the Chicken who – very thoughtfully – decided against sending a bison through the post (thanks!).

Now I didn’t play this year as I wanted to be neutrally involved, but dang! if I had, I would want this homemade gift! It’s the sweetest gift ever. Rock on whoever made this:

So thanks to everyone who played and participated. It has been a soaring success thanks to your enthusiasm and creative energy; we enjoyed facilitating every second of it. I think @shiftermike sums it up about right:

Lastly, and certainly not least, I want to thank the ever ubiquitous ^R (that’s Rob) who lead the charge. He made it look easy didn’t he!

So those were some of our favourites. How bout you? Post some of your favourites here so that we can relive the fun!

Hope to see you all back on the #nzsecretsanta hashtag next year!

Aly (one of the elves on the Santa Elf Team).

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8 Responses to Amazed by the #nzsecretsanta community

  1. alynzpost says:

    PS. WE love this one, the gift that keeps giving and giving…

  2. robholmesnz says:

    Very glad someone went above and beyond (excuse the pun) to amaze @vaughndavis – he was super positive and supportive of #nzsecretsanta throughout. He described d-day (delivery day) so well I thought… “it was like all of twitter was a family sitting around the tree”

  3. Kelly Dare says:

    I can’t find the original tweet but the amazing, wonderful person that donated to a suicide charity on my behalf was freaking amazing.

  4. A massive thank you to the elves at NZ Post. #nzsecretsanta 2013 was a huge success and perfectly continued the Christmas cheer that @websam started spreading a few years ago. It was great being able to make suggestions and know that the Twitter community’s ideas were being listened to. I’m sure that #nzsecretsanta 2014 will be bigger and better than ever!

  5. robholmesnz says:

    Can’t resist adding a couple more to this highlights list – these were late to the party.

    A quick look at his Twitter stream and it’s easy to see how well chosen this is…

    ..and who wouldn’t want one of these – fan or not…

  6. I received two gifts from my #nzsecretsanta. The first was a packet of Wagon Wheel biscuits. I was impressed as they would have only discovered about this obsession over on Facebook.

    The second gift felt like a pair of socks but I was blown completely blown away upon unwrapping it. So my surname, Lieschke, means “little fox” (, and my second gift was this awesome hand-crafted little fox!!! 🙂

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