Browser and OS roundup 2013

Welcome to the latest in an occasional series on web browser traffic to The site gets a fair bit of usage, around 2.6 million visits in the last 30 days, and so provides a reasonably good sample of the browsers New Zealanders are using.

You need to know:

  • these figures are rounded from Google Analytics for the site
  • all volumes in charts are percentages
  • let us know what else we can share

Trade Me are regularly updating their browser usage figures but they are quite different from ours in some areas, probably in large part reflecting that a large proportion of our customers are businesses.


  • Internet Explorer’s downward trend continues, it’s now below 40%
  • Chrome has increased steadily and now accounts for 25% of all browsers
  • Firefox is now has the smallest share of the big four

Browsers by visit, to November 2013

Internet Explorer

  • IE 10 has overtaken IE9
  • although IE8 still has over 45% share it is declining

Internet Explorer versions to November 2013

Operating systems

  • Despite a decline in Windows it still has close to 70% share
  • iOS is now the number two OS

Operating systems on to November 2013 

Visits by Windows OS

  • Windows 7 continues to dominate
  • XPs decline is steady but still accounts for nearly a quarter of all Windows visits

Windows OS on to November 2013

Mobile OS

Android has increased about 10% from the same time last year, and iOS has decreased by the same amount. Visits on mobile devices have nearly doubled from the same period last year.

Mobile visits by OS on in November 2013

Mobile screen resolution

Google Analytics reports nearly 40% of mobile device resolutions are “not set”. These figures are from the remainder of the data. 


Mobile screen resolutions November 2013


Have a Merry Christmas and holiday season!



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4 Responses to Browser and OS roundup 2013

  1. Mark says:

    NIce stats! Thanks for publishing these. Are you able to share the overall percentage of website visits from mobile devices? Any plans on developing a mobile website?

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Mark. The percentage of mobile visits varies from around 10% up to 30% and depends on what part of the site customers are using. Tracking and YouShop tend to get higher mobile traffic than the rest of the site. We have a mobile website at but our plans are to retire this as the main site becomes responsive. This is in the pipeline and we’ll start releasing our first responsive stuff in the new year.

  2. Intriguing stats. Only ~25% of visitors are on WinXP, but 45% are on IE8 – that’s a lot of unpatched Vista or Win7 out there. Also, what’s the breakdown of the slowly rising tide of purple “Other” browsers? I can’t imagine that Opera has suddenly leapt up from nowhere. Is there a new dark horse?

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Julian. To clarify, that’s 25% of Windows visitors on XP, and 45% of IE visitors on IE8. If my bush calculates are vaguely on target then the overall percentage of XP users is 34% and the overall IE8 percentage is 20% (although my sleep deprived & late night maths is probably far worse than my usually awful caffeinated mid-morning maths!). This means that Chrome has more users than IE8 and is the #1 browser if we put versions aside.

      In November at least, the dark horse you refer to is a rather disappointing mix of “Not set” (3.66%), Android Browser (3.55%), Mozilla Compatible Agent (2.8%), Safari in-app (1.45%), Mozilla (1.41%), and then the rest, including Opera and Opera Mini on about 0.41%.

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