Track parcels with Twitter

You can track and receive notifications for your tracked New Zealand Post parcels with Twitter using New Zealand Post’s twitterbot, @nzposttracking.

How it works

  1. Follow @nzposttracking on Twitter. The twitterbot will will follow you back automatically
  2. Send @nzposttracking a direct message (DM) such as ‘watch JB123456789NZ’ or ‘status JB123456789NZ’. If you watch an item you’ll get a direct message update whenever your parcel is scanned by us

What commands does the twitterbot understand?

What you DM to @nzposttracking: status [your tracking ID]
Example: status AA123123123NZ
Twitterbot will DM you a one off update on where your parcel is at. The status command does not subscribe you to automatic updates.

What you DM to @nzposttracking: watch [your tracking ID] [optional: a nickname for your parcel]
Example: watch AA1213123123NZ Socks
When you ask the twitterbot to watch an item it will direct message you to confirm it is watching the item (e.g. socks: Watching package), and then update you when something happens to the parcel, such as when it has been delivered.

You can assign a nickname to a parcel, Twitterbot will then refer to your item by this name each time you get an update, for example, socks: Delivered on 02/11/13 at 10.45 AM

What you DM to @nzposttracking: unwatch [your tracking ID or parcel nickname]
Example: unwatch socks
Twitterbot will stop sending you updates about a parcel.

What you DM to @nzposttracking: unwatch
Example: unwatch
Twitterbot will stop sending you updates for all of your items.

What do the messages that the twitterbot send me mean?

Sometime the messages from the twitterbot may be a little unclear, as it has a strict character limit as determined by Twitter. To help understand what these messages mean we’ve put together this guide.

But wait, there’s more

An added advantage of this service is that it is available to anybody with access to Twitter including the Twitter website, Twitter desktop and mobile apps, and via text message (free if you’re on the Vodafone network).


Twitter has a follow limit which means the Twitterbot can’t automatically follow you back, and in turn you can not direct message it instructions. So every few months the Twitterbot unfollows folks who no longer follow it to keep things running smoothly.

Don’t forget to Direct Message the Twitterbot, it won’t respond to public requests for parcel statuses.

Have fun, and as always let us know how you’re finding it.

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