I don’t want to be the #nzsecretsanta for an organisation!

I'm passing on my gift

I’m opting out of receiving

There have been a few conversations on Twitter about how naff it would be to have to twitter-stalk an organisation that has signed up to play #nzsecretsanta. Imagine you had to buy a gift for @nzpost. So we’ve been giving this a bit of thought.

We agree, it is difficult to personalise a gift for an entity that isn’t an individual, but we also believe that organisations add a lot to the fun of #nzsecretsanta.

There are plenty of examples of organisations adding a lot to the game. Who saw this tweet?

We were well chuffed with @mojocoffee. What a great idea! And @nzpost have offered something similar. It is thanks to these organisations that we’re feeling quietly confident that everyone who plays (and sends a gift) will actually receive a gift this year.

So while it might not be much fun to stalk an organisation, we certainly don’t want to exclude them from playing.

So what’s the plan?

We are going to continue to allow organisations to register – but also allow them to opt out of receiving a gift. This will certainly not be compulsory – and we definitely wouldn’t expect small businesses (or those with clear personalities) to do this – but we may contact some of the very big guys to encourage them to make this choice (e.g. @nzpost is sending but not receiving).

But won’t there be more Santas than recipients?

Yes. For each organisation which opts out there will be one fewer recipient. This means some recipients may get more than one gift. As with the allocation of all recipients to Santas, this will be down to luck (it is all randomised). We can’t see any problem with this. We can’t imagine you would either?

What do I do if I’ve signed up as an organisation and I want to opt out of receiving?

You send us a message on Twitter before 12pm on Friday 22nd November – we’ll be watching out for mentions and DMs.

Note: only organisations are allowed to opt out – as strange as it may sound -as an individual it is your duty to allow your Santa to find happiness by sending you a gift.

Aly and Rob
Online Team @nzpost

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  1. How fun! I am all registered and I can’t wait to twitter-stalk so I can go out an buy someone a cool gift 🙂

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