It’s all about giving (but it’s more selfish than it sounds)

What has stood out in past Secret Santas is that the best gifts are generally those which are completely unexpected. Often this has involved some real detective work (Google is your friend) to find something which has totally amazed the stalkee with the thought that has gone in to it. Yeah!

Ultimately, #nzsecretsanta is all about giving. Someone flicked this through recently, the science of How to buy happiness, a TED talk by Michael Norton. Norton shares research on how money can buy happiness – when you don’t spend it on yourself. It’s about the giving yes, but it’s more selfish that it sounds because it’s the giving that will bring you the happiness.

But obviously it’s not quite that simple. It’s not really the money, it is more the sacrifice that you make to make someone else’s day (represented by money). In the case of #nzsecretsanta, it’s a lot less about the amount of money you spend, than it is about the effort you go to when twitter-stalking and choosing your gift that makes the difference.


Our favourite conversation on this topic so far this year was started – and finished –  by @styler.

So take the time to find/make/buy one really awesome gift for your person you are Secret Santa for. Double dare ya.

Aly and Rob
Online Team at NZ Post

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