Secret Santa

Earlier in the year, we heard a rumour that @websam the giant pumpkin growing chap from Hamilton was no longer going to have the spare time to run NZ Secret Santa.

We have been fans of NZ Secret Santa for a while, so we were sad to hear that something so cool might end if he couldn’t find someone to take it over. This got us thinking, given it’s similar to our Letters to Santa – we decided to put our hands up.

We got in touch with Sam to see what would be involved and if he thought @nzpost would be a good home for it. He was really supportive and this month we arranged to take over the running of it in 2013.

Here are a few reasons why we think we’ll be a good fit:

  • We’re on twitter regularly to answer questions.
  • We have a great bunch of people who work in online, love Twitter, and are keen to help out.
  • Lastly (and most obviously) we are a postal service – we love it when people send stuff.

We’ll be sticking much to the same process as before and more details will come closer to Christmas through this blog, @nzpost and @nzsecretsanta.

Big thanks to Sam for passing it to us. We’re looking forward to Christmas – easily the best time of year!

Jaimee & Rob from the New Zealand Post Twitter team

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4 Responses to Secret Santa

  1. Bebe Frayle says:

    That’s such great news, I love Twitter Secret Santa!

    • robholmesnz says:

      Thanks for your support Bebe. The team here let out a sigh of relief at the end of the day it was announced – despite having Sam’s full support, we were nervous we might not be accepted as foster parents.

  2. So excited that NZ Secret Santa will be continued. I heard about it post Christmas & didn’t want to miss out on such a cool idea. Can’t wait to hear more for 2013.

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