Changes to YouShop based on your feedback

Thanks to all of you who have provided feedback for YouShop. We read all feedback and we act on as much of it as we can.  We’ve been busy planning and building new features in response to what you’ve told us.

It’s now cheaper to ship multiple parcels

We’ve had a huge number of requests from YouShop customers to consolidate parcels. This was going to be tricky so instead we have enabled a discount when you pay for multiple parcels. Your first parcel will be charged at the current rate and each additional parcel paid for at the same time is discounted. Simply select two or more parcels from the ‘At the Warehouse’ tab then checkout as usual.  You can find out more here.

Repacking parcels to reduce costs

You’ve also asked us to repack items into smaller boxes where possible. Postage for YouShop parcels is based on size or weight – whichever is higher. Some online stores put goods in much larger boxes than needed, which means it can cost you more to ship it here. We now make these parcels smaller to reduce the cost of postage, if certain rules apply to your parcel (for instance we would never repack a manufacturers packaging). If we repack, we’ll tell you the parcel’s original size, what we reduced it to and how much you’ve saved. Find out more about repacking.

Streamlined checkout process

Some YouShoppers told us that they were sure they had paid and yet were surprised to see that parcels were still awaiting payment. Based on your feedback and after watching a few customers use the checkout process we realised that the way we’d ordered the payment screens wasn’t as clear as it could have been. We’ve streamlined the payment process as a result.

Thanks again for the feedback you’ve given us, we love working on features that we know you want and need. Please let us know how you find your experience and what we can do to make it better by visiting our feedback forum

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9 Responses to Changes to YouShop based on your feedback

  1. Alison Skelton says:

    Is there a service like this for purchases from England?

  2. Tony Auckram says:

    love this service. I tell everyone about it! cheers tony, dunedin

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Tony, great to hear. There’s exciting stuff in the pipeline that we hope will make it even better.

  3. Nick says:

    Hey there, I have had things held in customs for a decent while after they landed in NZ, and was wondering if there was an option to incorporate the customs info and payments into the backend of YouShop/NZ Post, rather than having to wait for the letter to arrive, then pay, then have them released.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Nick – this is something we’re looking to improve on and it is on our wish list, although I can’t say when we will get to it (and it will require us to work closely with Customs). Thanks for letting us know your thoughts, I’ve passed your comment onto the product manager for YouShop.

  4. Susan Yuile says:

    I would like to see an automatic clearance of products that go through customs also that are perhaps incorporated into the cost, similar to what DHL and FEDEX do, where they automatically take care of the customs stuff for you. It would make things so much more simpler. I have recently had a parcel held in customs. It arrived in NZ on Monday 16th of Sept and I never received the letter to clear it until Friday 20th Sept….still haven’t received the parcel even though it has been cleared. This just takes so much more time to receive your goods.
    Other than that, have been happy with the process

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