Time to say goodbye to the old Tracking API

At the end of March we will be decommissioning the old Tracking API. A very small group of customers are still using the old Tracking API – if that includes you, you’ve hopefully received your new API key and instructions.

The new Tracking API includes many improvements, such as returning an error faster when things go wrong, and providing parcel status complete with an image of the recipient’s signature from CourierPost. Our efforts are now focussed on making the new API more stable and offering new features rather than supporting two.

If you’re already using the new API then there’s nothing you need to do.

Am I using the old or new Tracking API?

It’s easy to tell.

The URL for the old API starts with: services.nzpost.co.nz
The URL for the new API starts with: api.nzpost.co.nz

You will find documentation on how the new API method works here.

You can try the API using this handy form.

If you’re not using the Tracking API but would like a key you can get one here.

But wait, there’s more!

We have other APIs too! You can also:

  • access location data (ATMs, PostShops, Kiwibanks, Posting Boxes, and Box Lobbies)
  • find out how much it costs to send a parcel locally or internationally
  • get notifications when the Tracking status of a parcel changes

For full details about our APIs please visit our Developer Centre.

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