Latest release highlights: Rate Finder, re-ordering, and Prezzy Cards

Our March 1 release to was a biggie and with it come some important changes.

Find a parcel rate for sending within NZ

Back in November we released a beta of the domestic Rate Finder which had many new features and a better user experience. Yesterday we turned off the old Rate Finder, and the Beta became the new Rate Finder.

We felt just a little nervous as the domestic Rate Finder is one of the most used parts of the site, and we knew that despite the many improvements some customers weren’t going to like the change.

During the beta we received a lot of feedback which we acted on to make it as good as we can. Some of the feedback included:

  • entering parcel dimensions in centimetres not millimetres was the overwhelmingly preferred
  • similarly with weight – far more of those who responded to our survey think in kilograms rather than grams
  • adding common items: these are like a template for size and weight so you don’t have to enter all the values yourself. It’s especially useful if you don’t have a ruler handy
  • the sending from and sending to fields were changed to include a huge range of New Zealand addresses instead of the shortlist of towns on the old Rate Finder. We’ve had feedback from a customers as far away as the Chatham Islands who appreciate at last having their location in the Rate Finder
  • once a result was displayed, in order to tweak it some customers had to reenter all  sending information (it depended on the browser they were using). This was not the experience we wanted anyone to have. The parcel criteria can now be changed on the results page:

Things that you told us you didn’t like that we still need to work on are:
  • including CourierPost rates (although some Ready to Go Courier products are in the results)
  • the results are divided into two tabs – “postage only” and “postage included”. Some folks don’t see the postage included tab  – we need to make this work better for everyone
The sending to and from address predictive typeahead is very flexible and accepts postcodes, towns or cities, suburbs, and full street addresses, whereas the old dropdown list had a small selection of towns. 

We haven’t stopped working on the Rate Finder – we know we still have plenty to do. You’ll continue to see many improvements based on your feedback, you can leave feedback on the Rate Finder here.

Re-order previous purchases

Orders you’ve made in the past can now be re-ordered with one click (if you’re logged in). This doesn’t yet apply to Prezzy Card orders or printed postage, although we’ll add these soon. Log in and visit your account page to use this.

Activation codes on Prezzy Cards

In addition to adding a larger range of cards you can set an activation code for your cards, making it much more secure.

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