“How big is that?” versus augmented reality

An issue we often face as a postal organisation is communicating to our customers what can fit in our boxes and bags. Some folks work in cm, others in mm, and still others in inches. On top of that if you don’t have a ruler handy it gets tricky to know exactly how long a measurement actually is.

We’ve taken a number of approaches to this problem (see the mobile version of our Rate Finder m.nzpost.co.nz/r/nz), but one of the most intriguing was the exploration of how augmented reality could help our customers select packaging, and the result was a rapidly built prototype which we’ve dubbed Smart Pack.

You’ll need Flash (sorry about that) and a printer to play with this. If this prototype is wildly successful we’ll iterate on it. Remember, it’s very much in beta, and your results may vary. Try it now and as always, tell us what you think.

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4 Responses to “How big is that?” versus augmented reality

  1. Ingrid says:

    smart pack is an excellent idea —– worked with a smaller box really quickly but couldn’t get it to recognise a bigger box —- great idea though – well done.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Ingrid, and sorry that you couldn’t get the larger box to work. Sometimes it takes a second to change to the larger box, but we realise that this transition could be smoother and faster.

  2. michael says:

    where has it gone??? loved it.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks for the heads up Michael. The config file for SmartPack has gone AWOL, we should have it back up and running on Tuesday.

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