At last – print your postage online!

At last! You can now pay for and print your postage for parcels online – no more queuing up at a PostShop to get your parcel weighed and measured.

Get all your postage labels ready from the comfort of your home or office, and then just post them in a posting box or one of our new parcel drop boxes which you’ll find at many PostShop stores.

Postage printing is available for all domestic parcels.

For international parcels, we are trialling the service with a special offer to China, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. There’s 30% off the normal International Express Courier rates to these destinations until 23 January 2012. We’ll introduce the full range of International Express Courier destinations during 2012.

To use the domestic service visit our Rate Finder beta, enter your parcel details, pay for your postage, print, stick and send when you’re ready.

We’re still trialling this and we need to hear your feedback on all aspects of the service, not just your online experience, so if you’ve used it tell us how you found it.

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2 Responses to At last – print your postage online!

  1. Simon Snaith says:

    You say “enter your parcel details, pay for your postage, print, stick and send when you’re ready.”
    But are there any specifications for what it should be printed on for sticking to the parcel. i.e. I haven’t seen any recommendations or print size parameters here. Or have I missed them somewhere? Or, can it be printed on plain paper and stuck on?
    Also, which Post Shops have Parcel Drop Boxes?

  2. Ben says:

    Hi Simon, thanks for the comment. You can print on standard white A4 paper and cut it down to size. It label produced will be about half the size of an A4. You can then just stick it on with tape or glue. So far there are 142 Drop Boxes. If your local PostShop doesn’t have one you can hand it over the counter, or, if the parcel is untracked and will fit through the slot you can pop it in a posting box at the PostShop. Hope this helps.

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