Browser usage November 2011

Continuing the series of browser stats from, here’s November’s installment.

You need to know:

  • these stats are rounded from Google Analytics for the site
  • they are aggregated and rounded from the previous calendar month’s data
  • we do this on a (roughly) monthly basis. Let us know what else we can share.

Versions of Internet Explorer (% visits)

I’ve updated the figures for this month as IE9 looks set to overtake IE7, which I personally find very exciting. That, gentle readers, is how I roll.

IE8 has plateaued and remains freakishly stable at 61%.


No major changes from last month.

Internet Explorer Versions

Operating systems

Versions of Windows

XP down a little and Windows 7 up by about the same amount.

Mobile devices visiting the full

iOS again dominates with 84% of the share. Richard Hulse of RadioNZ fame has published Radio NZ’s browser stats, and Android is the leading mobile device for them, although all iOS devices still come close to 60%.

Mobile devices visiting

The mobile site is currently only lightly used – in November we had just over 2500 visitors (around 5000 visits). The low sample size is therefore prone to seemingly random changes and this month was no different. iPod and iPad again swapped places, Android decreased 6% and iPhone gained 5%. These are probably not trends, and we should have more certainty as the sample size increases.

Let us know if you’d like us to provide other information, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

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