Last release for 2011 to

So the final release for 2011 has been completed, and it includes some fantabulous features which we hope will make your life a little easier.

Pay for and Print your postage online

We’ve made it easier to pay for and print postage online for parcels you’re sending within New Zealand. This feature is available in the Rate Finder beta. Up until now you needed to enter a full address and be logged in to see the “pay and post” buttons in the rate finder results. We’ve changed this so that the buttons now appear for regular searches.

You can still use the rate finder for getting a quote for listings on Trade Me or Sella, just enter a sending from location, and leave the sending to field empty, and we’ll show you results for sending from there to anywhere in New Zealand.

We’re trialling the service, and while we think it’s a great idea that we hope you’ll love, we need to hear your feedback on all aspects of the service so we can really make it hum for you. So don’t be shy, if you’ve used it tell us how you found it.

Support for long tracking numbers

We had a number of requests for this so we’ve added support for longer 20 and 24 digit tracking numbers.

Tracking Beta uses the new API

Our beta tracking now uses the new tracking API. Why does this matter? One of the key reasons is that if our back end tracking services go offline the new API is much faster at telling you – you don’t end up staring at a spinner for minutes….

Create an account after purchasing

Let’s say you purchased something on the site and then checked out without logging in. During the purchase process you’ll have entered your name, email address, billing and delivery address. To save you entering this all again if you come back to the site, you can now create an account on the order confirmation page. All you need to do is enter a password and you’re done!

Share more with your tracking numbers

The Tracking beta allows you to link your Trade Me account with your New Zealand Post account for richer tracking information, including auction details such as an image of the item you’ve bought and who the seller is.

Today we enhanced the sharing feature. The shared link now includes the name that you’ve given the item and auction details. The person you’re sharing the link with will see that it’s a Trade Me listing and that they can log in and link their account to Trade Me.


Tell us how we’re doing

Give us feedback – the online services we provide are for you and we’re open to hearing your ideas and issues.

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