Tracking API is now better!

On Monday we released an update to our Tracking API. The Tracking API allows you to query New Zealand Post’s and CourierPost’s tracking data. There is no change to the way you call the API.

The new features are:

  • support for 20 and 24 digit tracking numbers
  • more information is now provided on CourierPost items
  • faster error notification – if there are issues with the services behind the API it times out much faster

APIs old and new

If you’re using the old API (which is called from here you should consider moving to the new one. At some point next year we will turn off the old API, but we’ll make sure we give existing users plenty of advance warning before we do this.

While you’re at it, you might want to take the opportunity to look at the other APIs we’ve recently released, including Tracking Notifications, Rate Finder, and Locator.

Who else is using the API?

We’re currently using the API to power mobile tracking, and in our next release the full website will also use the new Tracking API.

Some great kiwi businesses are using the Tracking API, including the fine folks at They’ve blogged about their integration of tracking into the Sella site.

What the deuce is an AOC sorter?

Good question! Due to popular demand, the cryptic “AOC sorter” status that Tracking  sometimes returns has been changed. It turns out that it refers to the parcel sorter in the Auckland Operations Centre. Speaking of the Auckland Operations Centre, see it in action in this cool time lapse.

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