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We released a number of enhancements to the website this morning as one part of our fortnightly releases. With each release, we’ll keep you up to date here with the latest changes we’ve made.

Login to the mobile site and track your items on the go

We’ve been incrementally improving our mobile site since we first released it. Along the way we’ve added major enhancements, most recently the International Rate Finder and as of today, you can now login to

While this enables all sorts of exciting things in the future, right now it allows you to track your parcels on the go. You’ll be able to see the same items you’ve saved in Tracking Beta on both the full site (  and on the mobile site. If you add new tracking numbers on your Android or Apple smartphone, these will appear when you log into the main site.

As always, we’re constantly striving to improve our online tools, so please pass on your feedback. We read all feedback and where ever possible we act on it.

Tracking parcels from the site search

When we migrated the website in September 2010 we made a large number of enhancements, but inevitably some nifty features didn’t make it into the new site. One of these was tracking parcels from the site search box. We’ve had a number of requests to bring this back, and this morning we did. To give it a try, just enter a tracking number in the site search and away you go.

Tracking Beta results easier to see

Tracking Beta introduced a raft of new features, notably tracking alerts, Trade Me account integration, and buying and printing postage online.

However tracking results were displaying below the fold for many customers – for instance one customer who uses a 13 inch laptop had to scroll to see the first result, let alone the third or fourth. Clearly others were experiencing the same issue, so the design has been tweaked to reduce the amount of vertical space used on the tracking input field making it easier to see the results without scrolling (see how it looks on my 13 inch laptop below).

Your feedback is really valuable to us, especially when we’re not doing something right, so please let us know how your thoughts.

Posting box clearance times

The other day we posted about the inclusion of posting boxes on the Locator. One of the first requests we had from a customer was to be able to see the clearance times of each box. We’ve made a change to the data so that it now includes the clearance times and the type of mail you can post in each posting box (e.g. Standard, or Standard and FastPost).

There’s more to come

Thanks for reading this far!  We’ll update the blog after each fortnightly release with the most significant changes. As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, so drop us a line or two in the comments or use any of the other feedback channels mentioned above.

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