Where’s my nearest post box?

We recently released an update to our PostShop and Kiwibank Locator that allows you to find our posting boxes. We’ve had many requests for this feature over the years and we are pleased to now provide it for you.

In addition to adding posting boxes to the map, it’s now possible for you to tell us if there’s a problem – each location has a feedback link. For instance, if a posting box is shown in the wrong place on the map, you can simply drag it to its correct location. While in most cases we should have up to date information, we appreciate getting input from the public as it helps us provide a better service.

Give it a go and tell us what you think.

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9 Responses to Where’s my nearest post box?

  1. Katie says:

    Thanks but can’t see the posting boxes displayed on the map – just Kiwibank and Post offices.

  2. cami says:

    so annoying it doesnt show me closest post box only post offices 😦

  3. cami says:

    oh i worked it out!.

  4. Debb says:

    looked on here for the nearest post box. said it was on cnr englans st and linwood ave, walked there, Not there. fail!

    • Ben says:

      Sorry about that! I’ve passed this to the locations team to correct this.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Debb, the data has been corrected and will be included in the next upload to the locator which will be within the next week or so. Thanks for passing this on.

  5. Ant says:

    Love it, entered my address and found the post box just around the corner, driven past it a million times and not noticed it. Awesome service thanks

  6. trixnz says:

    Are there no posting boxes in Freemans Bay? Where am I supposed to post my vote?

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