Browser usage October 2011

Continuing the series of usage figures from, here’s the latest installment. In addition to the usual stats, this month we take a look at changes in Internet Explorer versions over the last year.

You need to know:

  • these stats are rounded from Google Analytics for the site
  • they are aggregated and rounded from the previous calendar month’s data
  • we do this on a (roughly) monthly basis. Let us know what else we can share.

Versions of Internet Explorer (% visits)

No major surprises given our predominantly corporate and small/medium business audience. IE6 and 7 are decreasing at about the same rate. IE8 has plateaued for the last 4 months, and IE9’s rise can’t come fast enough.


No major changes from last month, although Safari and Chrome both increased share by about a percent, and IE decreased by about 3%. Firefox remains stable. The increases do not necessarily indicate a trend, as we expect fluctuations from month to month. One to watch though.

Internet Explorer Versions

Very small changes from last month – IE6 and 7 down a little, IE8 stable, and IE9 continues to rise.

Operating systems

A minor change from last month – Windows drops 1% for the second month running. Last month I concluded that this was not likely to be a trend, however this is now one to keep an eye on. Mac OSX is up a little on last month.

Versions of Windows

XP down a couple of percent, Windows 7 up by about the same amount. We saw a small increase in visits from customers using Vista.

Mobile devices visiting the full

iPad and Android up a percent, and we see a decrease in other devices (Symbian, Blackberry, etc). iOS continues to dominates with 84% of the share.

Mobile devices visiting

The mobile site is currently only lightly used – we have just over 1500 visitors (under 4000 visits). The low sample size is therefore prone to seemingly random changes. For instance, this month iPod and iPad swap places, Android decreases 2%, and iPhone jumps over 3%. These probably don’t indicate trends, but I’ve said that before and been wrong!

Screen resolutions by visit for

We’ve yet to resolve the “not set” issue, but the the screen resolution rankings and proportions are similar for April, which was the last complete month we have on record. This month we see an increase in 320*480, but otherwise no major changes

Let us know if you’d like us to provide other information, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

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