Browser usage September 2011

Following on from last month’s post we have updated figures for you. We had some actual feedback on Twitter from a real person (thanks @pitchandtone!) asking for screen resolutions – so we’ve added these to this month’s summary.

You need to know:

  • these figures are gathered using Google Analytics for the site
  • they are aggregated and averaged from the previous calendar month’s data
  • we intend to do this on a (roughly) monthly basis. Let us know what else we can share.

So, onto this month’s figures….


No change from last month at all, other than very small changes by points of a percent. Given our audience which is largely customers checking the site from the office, Internet Explorer’s dominance is no surprise.

Internet Explorer Versions

Very small changes from last month – IE9 gains a percent at IE7’s expense, but alas IE6 remains the same at 9%.

Operating systems

Very minor change from last month – Windows drops 1%. This is not likely to be a trend, rather a typical variation that we’ll see from month to month.

Versions of Windows

As expected, very little change. XP and Vista down a percent, Windows 7 up a percent.

Mobile devices visiting the full

We’re charting the changes for mobile on the full site in the next section. iOS dominates with 84% of the share.

Mobile devices (%) visiting – last 6 months

We’ve compiled the last 6 months of mobile device visits to the full website. Apart from Android overtaking the iPod the trends are stable during this period. The downward trend of the iPhone appears to be due to those customers using their iPads for the same task.  We’ll compile this chart for the mobile version of the site once we have more data.

Mobile devices visiting

As we don’t promote the mobile site or use device detection (yet), visits to the mobile site are low – this month less that 1000 visits.

Screen resolutions by visit for

You asked for it and we’re happy to oblige. The most annoying thing about this chart is that a whopping 45% of resolutions are “not set”. We started to get this error in May and continue to plagued by it. These figures are still useful however – the rankings of the screen resolution rankings and proportions are similar for April, which was the last complete month we have on record.

Let us know if you’d like us to provide other information, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

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