Browser usage August 2011

Back in the day, Rowan Simpson used to publish the visitor browser stats for Trade Me. At that time I was working for clients who often didn’t have access to particularly good browser usage figures. Seeing Trade Me’s numbers was pure gold, they were a great indicator of what New Zealanders were surfing the web with.

We’re no Trade Me, but we get a fair number of visits (averaging under 2 million a month), and we thought it would be helpful to share some of our numbers with the community.

You need to know:

  • these figures are gathered using Google Analytics for the site
  • they are aggregated and averaged from the previous month or two’s data
  • we intend to do this on a (roughly) monthly basis. What else would be useful for you that we can share?


Visits to the Post site by customers using IE may be higher than others sites. Many of our visits are from folks checking postcodes, for instance when updating mailing address databases, and these visits are most likely from business customers who generally do not have a choice of browser.

Where are Opera, Chromium, RockMelt, and so on? Numbers for these are (relatively) so low that they don’t appear in our aggregated numbers.

Internet Explorer Versions

The key takeaway for us is that IE9 is growing, overtaking IE6 last month. Say what you like about IE – but IE9’s rapidly gaining share is great news for us as it’s so much easier to work with than IE6 and 7.

Operating Systems

No surprises here either. Although given the amount of people who own a Mac (or two) you might think Macs would have a higher than 10% share – but bearing in mind the makeup of our customers, it’s not entirely unexpected.

Versions of Windows

The Windows breakdown may come in handy when thinking about what VMs to set up for testing your site with IE. XP still has a huge share of corporate-land. I was a little surprised that Windows 7 has gained as much share as it has. Incredibly, Windows 2000 still comes in at just over 1%.

And yes, we still see visits from Windows 95 and 98, although they are in very small quantities.

Mobile devices – full site

One of the most interesting categories – mobile devices accessing the full site. There’s a plethora of analysis from the US but it rarely accurately reflects the trends we see in NZ. Our figures won’t necessarily reflect the NZ landscape either, given the bias in our customer base. All iOS devices together dominate our chart with a whopping 85% of the pie.

Mobile devices –

We recently released Currently this is optimised for iOS and Android devices only, as these make up 97% of our mobile traffic to the mobile site. So far we haven’t offered our full range of tools on the mobile site, although this is growing with the addition of the mobile shipping rate finder, which we released today.

While the mobile website should work well with a variety of mobile browsers, we won’t be extending our efforts until we see the demand for other platforms in the usage logs.

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